Station Road, Deeping St James. PE6 8RQ. 01778 342344

Shipping & Returns

Delivery Charges

Normal delivery is £10 per order. Orders over £70 are delivered free

Local deliveries (within roughly 15 miles of Grasmere Farm at Deeping St James) are £6.50 per order. Local orders over £30 are delivered free

Returns and Refunds

We expect you will be completely satisfied with your order. However, if you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, please contact us by the next business day. Please do not return any items to us unless so directed by our store. We will do whatever we deem necessary to resolve the problem, up to and including a full replacement or refund.

If the perishable meat products in your order should spoil due to one of the reasons below, we will not be obligated to provide a free replacement to you.

  • The delivery address you gave us when you ordered is wrong, and this causes your order delivery to fail. Make sure to double check your shipping address when you place your order.
  • Our product is delivered properly on the day it is due, but is left unrefrigerated (for whatever reason) and spoils. It is your responsibility to move the items in your order into refrigeration on the same day the order is delivered.